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B&B Charcoal (Proud Sponsor of the show)
Venturo Productions (Produces and Distributes the show)


The MeatStick 
True wireless meat thermometer.
The Beard Club 
Best Beard care products Get $10 off on your first order!


Char-Griller Grills
(Send Flat Iron Griddle and various accessories throughout Season 1)

(Artist sent in a special print for the smoke pit featured in S1E5)

3D Retro
(Toy Company sent in the Geeky Tiki Freddy Krueger Mug for the Halloween Special S1E8)

Forseti Steel
(Knife Company sent a Knife to the Pit and held a Knife giveaway on Instagram, featured in S1E9)

Rufus Teague
(Sauce company sent a care package of spices and sauces to sample, featured in S1E10)

Oakridge BBQ
(Spice company sent a care package of spices to sample, featured in S1E12)

Guy Buzbee
(Craftsman sent a cigar box shelf he built as a gift on S1E12)


BBQ Pit Boys 
Official Chapter Coyote Jack's Smoke Pit Certificate Page